Protocol for: mtDNA isolation and library prep
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 The NEXTflex™ mtDNA-Seq Kit offers a robust method for mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) isolation and construction of mtDNA libraries for Illumina-compatible targeted or whole mitochondrial sequencing. The NEXTflex mtDNA-Seq Kit incorporates an mtDNA isolation procedure which selectively digests linear nuclear DNA, facilitating the isolation of mtDNA from genomic DNA; enriching the mitochondrial genome 100-350 times. After mtDNA isolation, mtDNA single read or paired-end Illumina-compatible mtDNA-Seq libraries are constructed using the reagents included in the kit. The availability of up to 96 barcodes allows for high-throughput multiplexing to reduce sequencing costs.

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Posted By: Bioo Scientific on 9/22/2015 8:51:58 PM