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Direct Printing on any tube!

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The idea of a TubeWriter that would print DIRECTLY on 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes was conceived in 1999. Bud Duong and his lab mates would constantly complain about how hand labeling tubes was a real PAIN and a waste of time.
That is why we decided to make the TubeWriter - an affordable, benchtop solution that directly writes on the tubes, slides and plates that you commonly use.

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Introducing the TubeWriter
The first direct printer for any tube 

NoTiredHands . . .
No MessyStickers . . .

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•  Directprinting of waterproof (andAlcohol-proof)ink on plastic or glass

•  Automatedprinting on microcentrifuge tubes, screw cap tubes, conicaltubes, snap cap tubes, cluster tubes, cryogenic vials, plates, slidesand any other tube you provide.

•  Easy to usePC or Mac interface.  If you know Excel, you can use themachine.

•  Organizedtubes, clear identification

•  No consumables

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Posted Oct 24, 2008, 10:42 AM

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