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Info on old Cryostat


Posted 6/18/2015 4:40:08 PM
 Hi all,

Does anyone have any information about this old cryostat we found? Our lab does neurological research and is willing to use it if salvageable. Seems like it was fairly popular many years ago. Pictures are below. What I have found so far is this ad (, making it seem like a rather old piece of equipment. Has blades and all. Looking into functions soon. Really trying to get ahold of the instruction manual, but I can't seem to locate it on the interweb. What I already know is it's a harris cryostat made by International Equipment Co. Can't find squat online about this Model CT, just later harris models that aren't close to the style of this one. Thanks in advance for any help!


Posted 7/22/2015 4:28:59 AM
Hi - would you have any interest in selling this?

Posted 8/30/2015 10:48:41 AM
 Before considering using it I would check if it keeps a stable temperature, cut even sections thicknes  without any vibration when the compressor is turning on/off. Also keep in mind, that if the cryostat does not keep the temperature, it will have an effect on the compressor lifetime and performance. It is usually not worth the mony to replace a compressor. I would suggest that you buy an newer model, even if second hand, from a company that still is in buisness, so you can get a service agreement and sparepart easily if needed.


Posted 11/6/2015 10:50:08 PM
 Have you pluggd it in and temped it yet? I have a couple IEC CTD cryostats. very similar to it, maybe a generation newer. The only difference I can see is the control panel is set differently and there isn't an anti-fog swtich. What exactly are you looking to use it for and what would you like to know about them?

Posted 12/4/2016 12:57:46 AM
 Do you still have this ? Please contact me at

Thank you