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New Advance in Epitope Mapping Service Enables More Reliable Testing Results

New advance of epitope mapping service in the news this week has attracted mass concerns. Some researchers have a focus on taking the service as a novel approach to treat diseases like cancer. Creative Peptides has made great achievements in this field, which is valued in the billions. It is an unusual figure for mapping technology as well.
Creative Peptides, as a leading supplier of bioactive peptides, is going to introduce the new advance in Epitope Mapping Service. Generally, epitope mapping can be regarded as an essential aspect in the discovery and development of diverse diagnostic and therapeutic antibodies. This special service can enable more reliable testing results with the technical support of new MapTM Platform, which can also map various epitopes flexibly. It can aid in the selection of optimized therapeutic MAbs, elucidate cancer-specific epitope markers, and define the protective effects of vaccines. Based on the advanced peptide library platform at Creative Peptides, a novel workflow is provided to improve the service’s testing results.
Starting from order confirmation, the workflow of Epitope Mapping Service is based on the following processes and timelines. Put it simply, relevant antigen sequence should be provided first, because it is the most crucial element, such as FASTA format antigen. This can be done with email. Then it is the peptide microarray production, which might take two and a half weeks. After that, it is the antibody or serum samples; it means you should send us the samples according to the sample submission form. After finalization of the peptide synthesis, your samples will be analyzed within one to two weeks. Subsequent data evaluation and report will take an additional week. And then you will get a more reliable testing result. 
Creative Peptides, specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of bioactive peptides, has provided a wide range of peptide applications in medicine and biotechnology and epitope mapping service is one of the kind. The new advance has been used for diagnostic purposes. Specifically, Creative Peptides also offers mass spec analysis, which will certainly give you the flexibility you need for epitope mapping. You can meet more details about epitope mapping service here: Epitope Mapping 
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