Nov 24, 2015  nanomedicinejournal

Aims and Scope

Nanomedicine Journal (NMJ) is a double-blind peer reviewed, open access, scholarly publication aiming to provide researchers, academics, medical students and interested individuals worldwide with a valuable source of empirical knowledge and laboratory results obtained through recent advances in utilization of nanotechnology to medical sciences.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to

- Principles of nanomedicine, including laboratory investigations and theoretical applications

Drug and oligonucleotide delivery using nanomaterials

Diagnostic applications including biosensors and contrast agents

Tissue, cell and genetic engineering involving nanomaterials

Therapeutic applications of nanomaterials

- Toxicology and safety issues regarding nanomaterials

The potential scope of Nanomedicine Journal is anticipated to eventually expand to all aspects of applying nanotechnology to medical studies.

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