Dec 03, 2015  BOC Sciences USA

Featured Products of BOC Sciences

For the upcoming Christmas holiday season, BOC Sciences is planning to make some promotions on its featured products and services. These chemicals and services are the most visited and bought ones at the official website. Below listed the highly recommend ones.
Custom Synthesis: BOC Sciences began to provide custom synthesis at the very beginning of the company’s establishment. With a decade’s experience in the field, considerate services and high level quality of the result can be ensured. 
Isotope labeling: With excellent performance on carrying out custom synthesis, the isotope labeling services can meets various requirements at ease with ideal result. Both stable and radioactive isotope labeling services are available.
Screening libraries: The Company supplies 21 screening libraries, which covers almost all pharmaceutical needs. Among these libraries, tyrosine kinase inhibitor library is the most popular one among the closed deals for screening needs up to present from January.
Inhibitors: More than three thousand inhibitors are offered and for the past months in 2015, this product line gained a rather good performance in sales. There are the featured ones: Finasteride, NSI-189, Tetrodotoxin, Talabostat mesylate, MK-2866. 
APIs: Ursodeoxycholic acid, Indomethacin, Insulin, Succimer, DMPS will also join the promotion.
Besides with the services and products mentioned above, other chemicals like chiral compounds, natural compounds are supplied. For more discount information about the chemicals and services, please visit and communicate with the sales worker.

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