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The Strength of Public in Genomics Research

For a really long time people think research is the stuff of scientists. They never thought some they could participate and become an important part of some research.
Things are a little different for genomics studies. Firstly, genomics is a study which contains many fields including structural genomics( aiming at whole genome sequencing) and functional genomics( aiming at identification of gene function). With the increase of the depth and the breadth of research, scientists are no longer satisfied with the data they have. 
It’s really a brilliant idea of DNA,Land. This project was presented by Erlich at the New York Genome Center and Columbia University in New York. 

What is DNA Land?
DNA Land is a web platform that encourages people to share their genome sequencing data here. This platform will compare the sequencing data of people so they can know their natives and ancestors. And the data shared by customers will not be sold for profits. It only used for genetic research. For now, 5,326 customers have shared their data on this platform.
It seems a good news for researchers. It will be a big cost if they want to know the sequencing data of nearly 5,000 people. And it saves time of data screening
But how to attract people to donate their data?
According to the supporter of this project, Meyer, the platform itself has the attraction on genetic genealogists. They want to know more information about their family tree and unknown natives. For other people, this project is fun, but they need a bit more return.
In fact, if people find themselves are useful and important in many studies, they will be proud and willing to donate their data to do some meaningful things. Maybe the website planner and researchers can let the public know their strength on genomics studies. For example, put the donors’ names in the research result, and make a list of those names( Of course based on the will of donors). By this way public will know that their data are used for meaningful things instead of being sold for profits. This could make this platform more attractive for donors.

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