Dec 18, 2015  MikeBeau

Top six advantages of the electronic validation life cycle management system

As briefed earlier, out of the enormous advantages of the electronic validation life cycle management system for life sciences industry, very few are as listed:

PAPERLESS – A single system for managing the Validation lifecycle process 100% electronically. Eliminate printing, mailing, and manual operations previously required in managing projects across sites.

EASY - Easily accessible electronic validation data and protocols for audits. A better view into change request processes, to identify trends or issues earlier and ensure accurate and credible reporting.

TIME SAVING - Convenient, real-time access by all stakeholders to validation status, data and documents with simultaneous access for review and approval.

COMPLIANCE - Enforces the approved corporate validation policies and procedures in the validation process which are typically buried in documents. Eliminates over 90% of the commonly cited validation errors through approved validation frameworks, templates and workflows, etc.

VALIDATION - A consistent methodology for validation, including the ability to reuse protocols across sites. Elimination of non-value added activities associated with manual validation process. Met deadlines for periodic reviews and revalidation schedules.

CLOSED LOOP - Closed loop Validation Lifecycle Management with Risk Assessment and Change management processes.

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