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What makes Women Beautiful?---Biotin

“What makes women beautiful? Happiness and energy.” Maybe you are familiar with advertising commentary. But this passage will tell women that what substance women can take to make themselves beautiful. What is it? Biotin. It is also called vitamin H. Biotin, a kind of water-soluble vitamins, belongs to vitamin B. It is the necessary substance of the synthesis of vitamin C and the important material of the normal metabolism of fat and protein. Biotin is a necessary nutrients which maintains body's natural growth, development and normal functions. Why does biotin make women beautiful? It has a variety benefits for women. First, biotin is the liberator for hair loss sufferers and it also can prevent premature graying. Women with thick and glossy hair are normally regarded as young, energetic and attractive girls. Second, get biotin supplement can recover the damaged nails and make nails smooth. There is no doubt that women with healthy and beautiful fingers and nails will gain their attractiveness. Third, biotin can improve the condition of skin and even cure some skin disease like cradle cap. Fourth, biotin can accelerated the speed of metabolism of people to promote loosing weight. About 70% of women are worried about their shapes and many of them are keeping fit. Biotin is a good helper. According to the research, biotin can promote the decomposition of fat and carbohydrates and speed up converting into people’s needed energy. A lack of biotin will leads to Adiposity. So biotin has been used for beauty because of its excellent functions. Cosmetics industry is one of the largest industries in world, thus the total cosmetics sales in the international market is much higher than sales of medicines. In addition, biotin can be used in cosmetics and it can accelerate the speed of blood circulation of skin. How to take biotin appropriately? It is suggested that adults take 25 ~ 300 µg per day and taking vitamin A,B2,B6 with it will get a better result. People can get food to get biotin supplement and its food resource are wheat , strawberries, grapefruit and so on. If you wanna test that whether the food contain biotin, you can use Biotin ELISA. It is advised to get biotin supplement everyday for it stay people for only 3 to 6 hours.

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