Nov 28, 2015  BOC Sciences USA

New Screening Technology Involving 3D Tissue Culture is Potential for Fast and Accurate Drug Suggestion

 BOC Sciences as a chemical screening libraries and services provider holds positive altitude to the new tech and does believe it will strive the whole tech make some improvements with bio-characters. Here is a recent advancment in the field. 

Scientists from Washington University School of Medicine developed a novel medicine screening device for personalized application. The new method can mimic the environment of cancer cells and weigh the condition of them, then screen medicines and give recommendation on the best dosage.

Traditional screening is designed for companies that discovery medicines. In recent years many such techs are available to be provided to personal patients, but with long period of waiting time to get the final results, which may cause inconvenience to the in time treatment for the patients with acute blood cancer like Multiple Myeloma.

The current treatment for Multiple Myeloma lags behind. About 50% of the patients can’t live out the diseases more than five years, and a majority of these patients can’t get customized medications because no genetic mutation can be set easily as the medicine target. The new technology was aimed to improve the situation and make the majority patients have access to custom medicine. Its 3-D tissue-engineered bone marrow culturing system is the key element of the new method. The sample of cancer cells and related surrounding substances can be fostered and inspected in the system, just like a miniature of the real body environment. And medical chemicals are tested to see their effectiveness under in the cultured bio-system. Thus results should be much more accurate than the conventional ones.  

Besides with the accuracy, being time efficiency is another key character of the new medicine screening method. It’s said that the result can be known before the standard inspections like CT scans were carried out. By which in time medicine prescription can be achieved to stop the condition from deteriorating soon after the diagnosis.

Now the new tech is still in the clinic trial stage, and the research team is trying to make some advancement to make the method can be applied to other blood cancers. At the same time the new screening tech is under probe for pharmaceutical company use.

This bio-environment imitating chemical screening system will benefit both individuals with fast and accurate screening needs and companies that are seeking for breakthrough in the traditional screening.

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