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Isotope Label

Isotope is widely applied in various industries like food, chemistry and even in animal protections. Scientists use isotopes to trace the production site of food to determine if they are adulterated; with the technology, chemists can study the chemical reaction and meet other related needs with the help of isotopes; closer to live, isotope can be used to track the endangered animals to protect them better.

Isotopes are the variants of an element by keeping everything else the same except neutron numbers. Isotope labeling is an important application of isotope in chemical researches, and they can be made use as tracers or markers to facilitate the chemical reaction study or the determination of substances quantity.
There are several types of isotope label services available at BOC Sciences, among which the most mature ones are stable isotope labeling and radioisotope labeling. Stable isotope labeling services at BOC Sciences cover a wide range of needs for isotope labeling, and there are in total twelve categories. Additional the isotopes can be also tailored according to customer’s requirements.
With rich experiences in providing radioisotope labeling services, BOC Sciences can offer customers with fully customized services from design, radiochemical preparation to tracking.  Radiosynthesis is also what BOC Sciences adept at with the professional team and more than ten years’ experiences.
Beside with the isotope labeling services themselves, there are additional services included, like storage and stability studies. What’s more is that instant cooperation with the scientists from client’s organization will be drove with communication. All these make BOC Sciences one of the leading Isotope labeling service providers.
About BOC Sciences 
BOC Sciences is a bio-company mastering in chemical products and related services providing. Of products, inhibitors and GMP products are the main ones. BOC Sciences enjoying the reputation as one of the best synthesis services suppliers in the field also provides other chemical services including custom synthesis, drug discovery, impurity analysis, protein crystallization and so on. For more information, please visit BOC Sciences

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