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Three Debated Rumors on Cancer Treatment

As is seen, cancer is always the core of healthcare issues. However, in recent days, some rumors on cancer treatment have attracted increasing attention in worldwide medical community, such as the so-called new research, cancer prevention, promotion of a variety of food pH, etc. Besides, there is even a claim that starving the cancer cells is a more effective treatment than chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. Clearly, these rumors have mislead many people. 
1. Cancer cells could exist in each human body. 
Generally, cancer is a genetic disease. It occurs due to the gene mutations or modifications. In fact, these genetic changes are inherited from parents, but the greater part is closely related to our living environment. For example, if we don’t smoke or develop a poor diet then we are less likely to suffer from cancer. Based on the mechanism, these genes could make certain regulatory factors in vivo inactivated, which will finally result in some uncontrolled cell reproductions and proliferation
These cells could be so-called malignant cells or cancer cells. The total amount of body cells is more than one trillion so there must be some abnormal or atypical cells. They may also have the same characteristics as cancer cells. However, it should be noted that most of these cells could be self-apoptotic or cleared by our immune system. The vast majority will not develop into cancers!
2. A strong immune system can kill the cancer.
The relationship between immune system and cancer is difficult to describe. The “identification” problem is more important. An authoritative expert in tumor immunology has explained that fundamentally our immune system cannot recognize cancer because cancer is extremely complex, which can even disguise itself as a healthy normal cell like argireline, thereby escaping from being killed by immune cells. Common cells could get infectious through virus and bacteria, which might release a unique signaling molecule, making the immune system recognize the practical trial and then take some measures. For cancer cells, they cannot be identified and killed in this way. 
3. Cancer is caused by a lack of certain nutrients, so supplementing these substances can destroy cancer cells
Actually, some diet habits and lifestyles (such as smoking) will certainly cause a lot of tumor issues. Professional experts also recommend some healthy diet patterns to reduce cancer risk, and through supplementing these nutrients vitamin deficiency may be improved. Whereas, if the intake of nutrients is excessive then it might be usefulness as well. 
Taking into account of all the details discussed above, it’s necessary to know that cancer treatment should be payed more attention, as well as icatibant acetate. And maybe cancer risk can be improved through proper exercise. 

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