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Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor library at BOC Sciences

 Under drug discovery services, there are other branch services provided by BOC Sciences for a comprehensive drug discovery system, among which are drug design, screening libraries, compound screening plate, formulation service, impurities and metabolites and isotope labeling service. Screening libraries are one of the most important factors in drug discovery, also at BOC Sciences. The materials in each library there can be applied for high screening and high content screening.

In total, there are 21 types screening libraries available including tyrosine kinase inhibitor library, inhibitor library, FDA-approved drug library, anti-cancer compound library and etc. BOC Sciences always takes pride of its tyrosine kinase inhibitor library and lists it as a key library for its variety and excellent facilitating services attached to it.

Tyrosine kinase inhibitor library consists of 118 inhibitors dissoveled in dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO). They are kept in storage tube with 96 well format and the shelf life of them are 3 month in DMSO with a -20°C temperature in DMSO and 6 month for -80°C. 
Besides with the library itself, BOC Sciences will conduct related professional measures to ensure the purity and structure of the compound being valid. Furtherly, there will be reports or analysis certificate provided for the screening services.
BOC Sciences will put more effort to optimize the Tyrosine kinase inhibitor library and may expand the inhibitors coverage in this library to reach more applications in various aspects with the market needs for related screening is increasing, for which BOC Sciences always aims to be a comprehensive products and services provider. 
About BOC Sciences 
BOC Sciences, a biochemical products and services supplier established in 2005, provides chemicals and related professional services in a wide spectrum including GMPs, inhibitors, natural compounds, APIs, drug discovery, custom synthesis, and chemical or drug manufacture and so on. BOC Sciences runs on the idea offering clients with products and services at the best competitive cost while in good quality. For more information, please visit BOC Sciences.

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