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Member since: Dec 10, 2006
From: North Carolina, United States
Status: Microbiology & Proteomics Moderator
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About My Research

C. elegans as a host to model microbial pathogensis.

Signaling pathways required for innate immunity responses in mammals, for example toll like receptors and p38 MAPK pathways, appear to be imporant for immunity in nematode C. elegans. Use of forward and reverse genetic tools in C. elegans has led to identification of more signaling molecules important for immunity. Some of these pathways like FOXO transcription factors and Heat Shock Transcription factor also affect aging and progression of neurodegenerative diseases. My reaserch is focussed on the interpaly amongst these immunity pathways  and their downstream effectors in C. elegans.

Another emerging in my reasearch is how nervous system controls immune responses. using C. elegans, we have shown that signaling through a  G-peotein coupled receptor (GPCR)- NPR-1 expressed in sensory neurons- is required for adeqaute immune responses. Understanding the mechanistic aspects of how sensory neurons sense pathogens and signal other tissues to produce antimicrobial peptides would be a focus of future studies.

My Affiliations:

Duke Univ

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