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The Scientist Solutions Forums

Scientist Solutions started out as a discussion board for life scientists to ask each other questions and help each other find solutions.

Though we've expanded our site into other areas, these discussion boards remain an integral part of our site and are now contained within "the Forums"

Here you can view topics already posted by our members, or you can create a new topic on our board where will be seen by 1000s of scientists plus our fantastic team of moderators. Most topics are questions about problems with experiments, or requests for advice on reagents, equipment etc..

If you have a question, you might begin by searching existing topics by keyword or by category (each topic is tagged with one of a few dozen forum category designations and with a sub-forum area within that category)
If you do not find an answer to your question this way, please post a new question by clicking the 'post a new topic' link at right (must be a member to post). You'll be notified by email when someone has replied to your question.

To our old friends,

Please do not be taken aback. All the features of our old site are still here. On our redesigned site, instead of having to drill down through forums and sub-forums to look for topics, you can now use our search tool to easily search through all our topics by keyword, and/or by forum/sub-forum.

If you prefer to navigate the old way, don't worry, the old forum and sub-forum pages still exist. Now just click the forum name from the list of forums to the left of the topic listings.

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