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How ScientistSolutions Can Help Your Company Make the Most of Online Advertising.

Advertising Overview

The staff at have extensive experience in all areas of the life-sciences, pharmaceutical industry and academia from research to clinical trials to sales, marketing and advertising. Our marketing portfolio allows our clients to tap into the most targeted markets in the industry. 

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Advertising Options
• Banner Ads • Keywords • Featured Product Ads • Email Campaigns • Protocol Exclusive Sponsorships • Ad Space in E-Newsletters. 

Discussion Board
ScientistSolutions is offering the opportunity to sponsor every category of our board as well as the key functional pages of the site. When you sponsor a category of our board, your advertisement will also be displayed on all of the forums and topic pages of that category, providing you with highly targeted advertising.

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Value Added
The discussion board, while at the core of our offerings, is only one element of bioscience marketing here at ScientistSolutions. Through our partner organizations ScientistSolutions is additionally able to provide access to a broad range of internet marketing services.
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Industry Standards
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) have developed a set of guidlines, which we at ScientistSolutions keep foremost in our minds while designing and implementing advertising schemes.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We have put together a set of answers to the questions which we often receive from sponsors relating both to advertising on the internet in general, as well as those specifically relating to our services. Click here to read our FAQ
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