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Industry Standards
Standardization in advertising has been progressing since the late 1990's as a result of the growth of the internet. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Media Rating Council (MRC) and Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) in May 2001 initiated a project to produce guidelines for media companies and ad serving organization for establishing consistent and accurate measurements. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) were commissioned to perform testing and data gathering which included identifying common:

* measurement metrics
* definitions
* and reporting practices.

Organizations participating in the project included AOL,, MSN, Walt Disney Internet Group and DoubleClick. Key Components of the resulting guidelines:

1. An Ad Impression is the term used to describe the viewing of an ad-containing page by an end user, however, an 'impression' is generated by both user initiated requests (clicks) as wells as non-user initiated requests (search engine robots, web crawlers)
2. Media companies and ad serving organizations should fully disclose their ad impression recording process to buyers.
Scientistsolutions only counts ad impressions when ads are actually served to human visitors of our site, this is achieved by including our ads in pages via an separate included page which like images, is not requested by search engine robots and web crawlers.
3. Appropriate filtration of robotic and adminstrative activity is critical to accurate measurement of ad impressions. In other words, any ads that do not involve human activity (a human seeing the ad) should not be counted and charged for.
At ScientistSolutions our staff have special 'administrator' logins which enable us to easily identify their interactions with the site, we use this to prevent our staff affecting our site statistics.
4. Third party independent auditing of site traffic is encouraged for all ad serving organizations.
ScientistSolutions utilizes the Urchin webserver statistics package to provide a separate verification of traffic logged by our ad serving and tracking software. We are happy to provide data from this, and other log files to support impression and click through figures reported.

Scientist Solutions utilizes the strongest possble filtration techniques so that only ads seen by scientists and end users are counted and charged for. We welcome all questions regarding our strict counting and advertising practices and as much as possible will show you behind the scenes data files, whenever requested. More than half of all webserver logged 'impressions' are filtered and not counted in our data.

Click here to read the complete IAB report and guidelines on their website.

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