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Scientist Solutions Privacy Statement

Scientist Solutions is strongly committed to safeguarding your personal information and to the security of our computer systems and network. Scientist solutions will never distribute, share or sell any personal information to a third party unless ordered to do so by an official court. If you have displayed your email to all and now wish to hide your email address from other users you may do so at anytime within the user control panel of my accounts. Remember that all information disclosed within Scientist Solutions becomes public information and therefore caution should be used when disclosing personnel information. Scientist Solutions works diligently to insure the integrity of our computer systems, to the security and protection of your personal information and to the compliance of all applicable federal laws including but not limited to The Privacy Act of 1974 and The Freedom of Information Act.

When you visit our site the following information is collected: The domain name from where you accessed the Internet. The date and time of access, as well as, the internet address of the web site from which you linked directly to our site. As well as the browser and operating system used and the pages visited. This information is private and used only for purposes of monitoring and improving our site.

Scientist Solutions does contain links to other sites and sponsors. Once you link to any of these other sites you are no longer on our site and therefore are subject to their privacy policies.

For Security precautions Scientist Solutions utilizes software programs to monitor network traffic and identify any unauthorized attempts to access our network. Any such unauthorized attempt to access the Scientists Solutions network for any purpose is strictly prohibited. Those who attempt to access our network without our consent will be prosecuted in accordance with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996.

Cookies Use Notice
Scientist Solutions does employ cookies for the purpose of providing a better service to our users. Cookies are lines of text sent to your web browser when visiting our site. Your browser stores this information on your hard drive so that when you return to our site the cookie is transmitted back to the server from where it was originated. Cookies provide a way for your computer to recall a previous registration in order for the information not to be repeated. Scientist solutions limits its cookies to "session cookies" that are stored only temporarily within your computer. Cookies must be turned on within your computer to be able to participate in the discussion groups of Scientist Solutions.