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Meet the Scientist Solutions Team

Scientist Solutions Inc. was started in 2004 for the purpose of promoting the worldwide advancement of science and biotechnology. To achieve this goal we have developed an internet discussion site or "Board" to provide scientists a resource for the exchange of ideas and information.

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Welcome from Scientist Solutions' Team Leaders

Marcia Allen - Founder
Scientist Solutions, Inc., Scientist Solutions Events & GATCAT

The inspiration for Scientist Solutions came from two places:  Seeing the power of ebay many years ago to connect people:  What one person sees as trash is treasure to someone else.   While working with Southern BioTech I saw scientists struggling every day to find antibodies.  Back then producing a monoclonal antibody was a 9 month process and the result wasn't guaranteed.  I saw my boss, Charles Lichtman, the CEO connecting scientists from one lab to another to share antibodies.  With the reemergence of the Internet I felt there needed to be a hub for scientists to connect and share information, problem solve and even collaborate.  One scientist in China sharing an antibody from his or her freezer with a scientist in California potentially saves several months in an experiment.  If we improve efficiencies throughout all aspects of research, we can accelerate life science, finding cures years earlier.

When you utilize this site, you exemplify our mission of scientists helping other scientists and you advance life science. Help us connect every scientist in the world and together we can change the world.

Alfred Lagaya - Co-Founder
Scientist Solutions Events

I was a scientist at AxyS Pharmaceuticals in La Jolla, CA where our research revolved around high-throughput, genetic disease study programs such as Diabetes, Asthma, Schizophrenia, and Osteoporosis, prior to joining a sales team selling disposables for HTS and other science applications. Marcia and I were disturbed seeing reps walking into labs and invading scientists’ privacy. As reps ourselves, we were extremely uncomfortable walking into scientists personal bench spaces. We realized scientists needed access to technology and products but wanted to completely change the process of selling into labs. We started putting on vendor shows in 1998 with about two dozen vendor friends to get the lab doors closed, while improving the efficiency of the flow of information to scientists. About five years later we formerly incorporated BioTech Solutions. Today the company is called Scientist Solutions Events. We hope you have enjoyed less interruption of your experiments. Please let us know if you would like us to host an event at your Institution.

David Klein - Chief Executive Officer,
Scientist Solutions, Inc., Scientist Solutions Events & GATCAT

David Klein joined Scientist Solutions after a 25 year career in the Technology Sector of the Silicon Valley. After working for or with companies like HP, Siebel Systems, Microsoft, Intel and Legend (now Lenovo), he was intrigued by what we are doing here at Scientist Solutions.

 “Having a brother with ALS and knowing there is very little funding for this terrible disease makes me passionate to help scientists in their quest for discovery and cures.  I hope to use my experience in technology, both with prominent companies and successful growth of my own start up to propel the Scientist Solutions organization and family to make a difference in life science"

Fraser Moss - President
Scientist Solutions, Inc.

I am Fraser Moss, President of and also known as TheFFM on the site. I have a Ph. D. in Pharmacology from University College London and postdoc experience at the California Institute of Technology and Case Western Reserve University as well as spending some time in industry. My research has focused predominantly on neuronal ion channel and neurotransmitter transporter biophysics. I have extensive training in electrophysiology, fluorescence imaging, molecular biology and protein biochemistry and have employed these techniques to investigate the oligomerization, stoichiometry, trafficking and pharmacology of these elegant multimeric proteins in both normal and disease states. Before I became a moderator and then President of the site, I found in 2005 while looking for information on the web to troubleshoot a problem with my research. I've been logged on ever since. 

I quickly recognized the site’s power to allow quick interaction with peers from all over the world to help obtain the information I needed. I have gained a great deal of satisfaction sharing my own knowledge and experience on the site. I hope to continue to help my fellow scientists through for many more years and see the site become the first port of call for life-scientists worldwide when they turn on their web browsers.

Meet our fantastic team of scientist moderators
Scientist Solutions was created FOR scientists and is run BY scientists.
Our moderators are a dedicated bunch of  life scientists who read and answer posts,  look up information for you and help keep our board organized and orderly.


Guy Sovak - Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
Chief Scientist and Moderator of Anatomy & Physiology, Biomaterials, Microscopy & Imaging and Cytology, Histology & IHC.

I graduated with a degree in Education of Biological Sciences, and proceeded to do a MSc. at the Faculty of Medicine in the Technion, Haifa Israel. Nowadays I am researching fascia and intermuscular connective tissue in the psoas major muscle and its implication on non-uniform psoas deformation under tensile load using histology, immunohistology and biochemistry methods. One of my main interests lies in finding whether there are differences in protein levels within different cross-sectional planes in and the effects on treatment load transfer through soft tissue during therapy.

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Ivan Delgado - President and CEO of Mouse Genotype
Moderator of DNA (PCR, Real-Time PCR)

After 10 years in academic research I moved to industry, where I worked at DNA sequencing companies, genetic testing companies, and biopharmaceutical testing companies, before I started my own genetic testing company. I am currently President and CEO of Mouse Genotype, a company dedicated to providing high quality and affordable mouse genotyping services. I was very lucky early on in my career when I received excellent training form post-docs and professors at various academic institutions. Scientist Solutions gives me the opportunity to give back. At the same time it is also a great venue to keep up to date with what scientists are doing in the laboratory.

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Sambuddho Mukherjee - Duke University
Moderator of Antibody Based Technologies and Cell Culture & Tissue Culture

I have been an active member at SSI for well over three years now, having got there through the simple accident of a Google search. The information I got then saved me weeks of trial experiments. It’s a great feeling when I'm able to pay it back and get heartfelt thanks from another researcher.  That's what embodies the spirit that drives this site;  scientists helping other scientists!

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Ed Dunphy - University of Wisconsin
Moderator of The Lighter Side of Science

I’m Edward Dunphy, a research scientist and comic strip writer in Madison, WI.  I grew up in New York, graduated from the University of Chicago and have worked primarily in academic labs in Chicago and Madison since 1985.  I recently made a move into the private sector and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the change thus far. Marcia asked me to join the Scientist Solutions team two years ago after seeing my Lab Bratz science humor webcomic.   As the Moderator for “The Lighter Side of Science” forums, I’ve enjoyed scouring the internet for interesting science quotes, scientist birthdays, weird science facts and science jokes.  I also regularly post the archives of my Lab Bratz webcomic on the forum.

Merlin Bicking - President of Analytical Chemistry Consulting and Training Associates, Inc.
Moderator of Analytical Chemistry

Expert in Chromatography; Chromatography Techniques Training (May 2009, Nairobi, Kenya)

Jason King - Edinburgh University College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine
Moderator of Virology

I have been a postdoc at Edinburgh University's College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine since 2001. My work here has involved using cloning and producing recombinant AAV, Adenovirus and lentiviruses to overexpress or knockdown gene expression to better understand mechanisms involved in inflammation and cancer and very recently,  human ES cell work. I stumbled upon Scientist Solutions just as I was beginning a new project and was happy to find such a friendly community that was always keen to point fellow scientists in the right direction. I found that this matched my (Scouting) scientist values and so now I'm "doing a good turn every day" - well almost.

Marcus Muench - Blood Systems Research Institute. 
Moderator of Stem Cell Technology

The research focus of my laboratory is on development stem cell biology, particularly of the hematopoietic and hepatic systems.  A driving force behind my basic research efforts is a desire for the research to be clinically applicable, particularly in the field of fetal medicine. I believe that an active online community of scientists helping each other is a mutually beneficial arrangement that will foster research progress.  I have found Scientist Solutions to be a new way to meet colleagues that share similar research interests.

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Peter Barlow - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
Moderator of Immunology

I joined Scientist Solutions after being introduced to it by the Virology moderator, Jason King, while I was a postdoc in the Centre for Inflammation Research at the University of Edinburgh.  I am now a Fellow in the Influenza Division at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.  My primary interests lie in modulating the immune response to bacterial and viral infection.  I'm very happy to be a part of what is a fantastic and valuable resource for every person in the scientific community.

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Sami Tuomivaara - Moderator of Protein Chemistry & Bioinformatics

I’m currently pursuing a PhD degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. My dissertation work focuses on the structure and function of plant cell wall, a topic which I find intellectually extremely challenging. Besides cell wall research, I’m interested in a wide range of topics in biosciences and I hope this multidisciplinary interest and the depth of my training will help me to be an independent researcher in the future. In the summer of 2009, a colleague introduced me to SSI and I started contributing soon after that. After less than one year stint as a regular contributor to the SSI forums, I was asked to join the moderators’ team, which I gladly accepted. I hope this way I can give back the scientific community some of the knowledge I have received over the years.

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Gaganjot Singh - University of Delhi
Moderator of Cancer, Diagnostics & Proteomics

I’m Gaganjot Singh also known as Argerine on the I have my Ph.D. in Biochemistry with specialization in cancer proteomics from University of Delhi, India. My research work is based on the screening of protein based serological markers for diagnosis of lung, breast and ovarian carcinomas. I am currently teaching Cell and Molecular Biology to the under graduate students at University of Delhi. I joined SSI in April, 2009 and as a moderator in 2011. The fabulous part of Scientist Solutions lies in the fact that a large number of professionals from all over the world, provide expert help based upon their own research experience. Together in SSI, we are determined to help and discuss the problems faced by fellow scientists and researchers to explore the numerous fantastic possibilities of science.

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Chin Fen Teo 
Moderator of Protein Chemistry & Glycobiology

I am currently pursuing my PhD degree in Biochemistry, focusing on the impact of glycosylation on cell signaling. I stumbled across Scientist Solutions one summer evening of 2009 while searching for a “second opinion” regarding one of the experiments I was working on. Having read some of the threads on the forum, I realized that I could also contribute and help others to overcome their problems similar to mine, which I spent days or weeks or even months figuring out by myself. Hence I started actively posting my tips and thoughts. In the spring of 2010, I gratefully accepted an invitation to join the team of Scientist Solutions' moderators. I hope that as a moderator, I can continue helping others in the true spirit of science.

Qiang Wang - Michigan State University
Moderator of Protein Dection

I had always admired that Scientist Solutions could do so much for the scientific community, so I became a member in 2006. In November of last year I was selected to be moderator of the Protein Detection and Plant Biology forum. I am proud to be on the Scientist Solutions team working hard to contribute more to society.

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Ginny Pearce
Moderator of Mitochondria Research

My overall research centers on human gender specific stem cell renewal with the objective of advancing the understanding and treatment of disease and injury. Adult stem cells are capable of renewing themselves, and/or generating multiple cell types during normal growth and repair. However, these capabilities can also play a role in diseased states that are associated with inflammatory response/stress and cancer. To harness and take advantage of renewal capabilities, my research focuses on two areas (1) optimization and characterization of adult stem cell cultures for renewal and selection of cell subtypes, and (2) identification and subcellular localization of certain mitochondrial associated proteins that mediate stem cell renewal/survival. The types of adult stem cells used in these studies include human neural stem cells derived from fetal tissue and mammary epithelial stem cells. Proteins of interest studied include stem cell markers for identification of cell types, and mitochondrial associated proteins survivin, p53, cytochrome c, TOM20, nuclear receptors, and hTERT for renewal. My research efforts are aimed at determining subtypes and their associated proteins as potential targets for pharmacological mediation of stem cell renewal. I am fortunate to collaborate with both institutional and industry sources to develop and culture gender specific stems cell lines.

Varsha Singh - Duke University
Moderator of Microbiology, Proteomics and Model Organisms

I am Varsha Singh. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in a Microbial Pathogenesis Lab at Duke University Med center. I am so excited about microbes that I have them pervade my work, personal life and hobbies. I have even done an oil painting of a macrophage infected with Pneumophila (PDF available on request). So, when I got an opportunity to be part of Scientistsolutions as a moderator for ‘Microbiology, I leapt at it. It has been tons of fun and a learning experience. It is easier and fun to share than to go alone. Since then I am also become a moderator for “Proteomics”.  A recently added “Model Organisms’ forum, is my favorite as it includes C. elegans.

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Rusty Bishop 
Moderator of Protein Chemistry

I earned my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics from the University of Alabama-Birmingham. The exciting part of Scientist Solutions is helping scientists get their experiments done faster. I love it when someone figures out a tough experiment that has taken months of their valuable time. That’s what every part of the company is really about - pushing back the frontiers through communication.

Omai Garner - UCLA
Moderator of General, Genetics and Bioethics.

My name is Omai Garner, and I am a postdoctoral researcher at UCLA in the department of pathology. I work in the lab of Dr. Linda Baum and study the role of glycosylation in innate immunity and viral pathology. I was always taught that science, at its best, is a collaborative process. It’s collaboration, and not competition, which produces the most significant advances in biomedical research.  This website provides a rare opportunity for scientists to interact with others worldwide through a well organized and useful discussion forum.

Chris Fisher - Private Industry
Moderator of Biochemistry, Biophysics, Organic Chemistry and Animal & Veterinary Technology

I am currently a Microbiologist at STERIS Corporation involved in the research and development of disinfectants and sterilants for the medical industry, including business acquisitions and licensing opportunities.  I received my Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. The great aspect of working for SSI is that everyone is encouraged to provide their ideas for developing the site.   Scientist Solutions is really being developed by scientists, for scientists.

Ryan Morin - British Columbia Genome Sciences Centre
Moderator of Genomics

My name is Ryan Morin and I am currently pursuing a doctorate degree in bioinformatics at the Genome Sciences Centre in Vancouver, Canada.  I have been the moderator for the Genomics forum at Scientist Solutions for the past 3 years.  I started moderating for the board after being a user/contributor for several months. Scientist Solutions has been a great way to find answers to problems I’ve encountered in my research.  It has also been useful in meeting people with common research interests.

Ben Good - University of British Columbia
Moderator of Bioinformatics

I'm finishing up my PhD. in bioinformatics at the University of British Columbia.  My research has focused around  defining new ways to create, measure, and apply the components of the  semantic Web for the life sciences.  I'm particularly interested in  social tagging (e.g. Connotea, and other approaches to  community-driven creation of metadata.   I've been involved with SSI since 2006.  Looking forward, I hope, to continue to contribute both as a technical advisor on Web-related aspects of information science and as a participant in the forums.

Shareef Nahas - Harvard University
Moderator of DNA (PCR, Real Time PCR)

I am a post doctoral fellow in the department of Pathology and laboratory medicine at UCLA working on identifiying defective gene products in rare genetic orphan diseases. Since joining Scientist Solutions, I have not only been able to help and meet wonderful people through the numerous scientific categories and like research interests, but I have learned ... and continue to learn ... new and exciting techniques and ideas from others on the site.

Ashish Kumar - UC-Santa Barbara
Moderator of Pharmacology & Drug Discovery

I am a diversely trained scientist with a background in genetics, C. elegans biology, bioinformatics and nanotechnology. I am currently at the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology department at UCSB. I am very interested in molecular diagnostics, drug discovery and development and have been moderating these forums at SSI since 2006. I look forward to the stimulating discussions here and helping our community to the best extent possible.

Anjuli Timmer - UC-San Diego
Moderator of Microbiology

My name is Anjuli Timmer and I co-moderate the Microbiology forum of Scientist Solutions. I did my undergraduate in Biology at the University of New Hampshire and after working as an Associate Scientist at AME for 2 years, joined the Molecular Pathology PhD program at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. My favorite part about Scientist Solutions is how many different people from different countries are involved – not only as members, but also participating in the company.   It has really brought scientists from all over the world together to help each other.

Saswati Hazra - UCLA
Moderator of Pharmacology & Drug Discovery

I am a Research Faculty at the division of Pulmonary and Critical Care, Department of Medicine, UCLA and my research work involves the area including Lung Cancer treatment and chemoprevention. I used to go to the SSI site to get help and then one day I saw a flyer hanging in the corridor looking for moderators. I contacted Marcia, who gladly accepted my request to volunteer.   I’ve learned a lot here. If I did not know the answer to a question, I was encouraged to go to pubmed to find the answer.   That way I also learned something new!
Scientist Solutions' Evangelists
Randy Gastwirt
Randy Gastwirt
My name is Dr. Randy Gastwirt. I am a post-doctoral fellow in the Departments of Orthopedics at UC San Diego and the Veterans Hospital.  I am originally from Brooklyn, NY but have called myself a Californian since high School. I got my BA in Biology from Pomona College and my PhD in Biomedical Sciences from UC San Diego School of Medicine. I joined the Scientist Solutions team almost a year ago because I believed that our site could have a major impact on the world of research science. In the future I envision a site that provides scientists with everything they need to do their research.  My current role is to increase web traffic though link exchanges and by spreading SS content, news and information around the web.

Arvind Pundir
I work at the National Brain Research Centre, a pioneer institute in India for research in Neuroscience.  I have 10 years experience in microbiology and histolgy, cytology and IHC.  I did my PG in lifescience and PG diploma in Biomedical Lab technology. I joined SSI as member in 2008 after seeing the SSI flyers in an adjacent lab.  Ever since, this has been my favorite place to visit on the web and I love helping our fellow members with their queries.  This is a fantastic science forum with a knowledge bank full of the expertise of numerous eminent scientists from around the world. 

Scientist Solutions' International Directors

Amarnath Annamalai
Director - India
Customer Services Manager
I am a Ph.D. Research Student in the Department of Animal Science, Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu, India. One day, while doing research on the web, I discovered Scientist Solutions and began a chat with Marcia. During our conversation, she asked me to promote the site in India and continuously inspired me to succeed. I am now Director of India for SSI and coordinating special projects for both SSI and SSE. In the past four years of my experience in SSI, I enjoyed meeting new people from various countries. Without their contribution we couldn't have grown. Thanks all! I welcome all indian scientists to our board and we can make a new history in life sciences once we assembled under one roof.

Andreas Heinemann
Andreas Heinemann
Director, Germany & Austria
I promote SSI to my distribution company customers and my friends by introducing them to the fantastic possibilities and advantages of the SSI website. Awareness of SSI and SSE in Europe is growing, but it’s not where it could be. Let’s conquer this market by sharing the opportunities! TOGETHER WE CAN!

Xin Zhang
Xin Zhang
Director, China
I am a Senior Research Scientist at Bayer with previous experience as a research Scientist at Merck, The Burnham Institute (under John Reed), and Elan Pharmaceuticals.   I founded a reference lab in China which over the past years has grown to annual revenue of $10 million.
Scientist Solutions' Sales & Support Team

Boris Minev
VP Community Development
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My research at the UCSD John Moores Cancer Center has been focused on the discovery of new target antigens for immunotherapy of cancer and the development of optimized cancer vaccines. Most recently I worked on a new nanotechnology based cancer vaccine delivery platform.  
     It's exciting to work with this outstanding team of scientists, business development people and software developers focused on the very promising and fast-growing field of connecting scientists with similar interests.  I hope to bring my expertise in cancer, immunology, vaccines, nanotechnology and stem cell biology, as well as to recruit many scientists and Scientific Societies to join Scientist Solutions.

Judi Ritter
Born and raised in California, I was a controller and CFO with several companies.  I was also the personal accountant for Seward Johnson’s daughter’s family, of Johnson and Johnson.  I hate accounting, but what can you do when you make good money and have very good jobs.  I am a very honest person, and in those kinds of positions, it means a lot. Marcia and I have been close friends and colleagues for 20 years.  I was employee # 1 with Scientist Solutions and employee # 2 with Bio Tech Solutions (now Scientist Solutions Events).  I have done, since the inception to date, every kind of job with those 2 companies you can imagine.  My main focus has been sales.   I will always continue to do what I can for SSI and SSE.  The future looks so exciting for both.

Christopher Zobin
Internal Operations Specialist
I have been with SSI and SSE since September, 2006. I work in graphic design, advertiser account management and I assemble and schedule the weekly SSE show email announcement.  Even though I am not a scientist myself, I  thoroughly enjoy being part of this community and look forward to being with the Solutions teams for a long time to come!

Teri Lagaya
Administrative Coordinator
I am very excited to be able work for  SSE and SSI, not only because my brother is the co-founder, but also to be able to work independently and create my own environment.  I look forward to my future with SSE & SSI in hopes of helping them grow.
Scientist Solutions' Advisers
Kary Mullis
Kary was awarded the Japan Prize in 1993 for the PCR invention. It is one of international science's most prestigious awards. He is currently a Distinguished Researcher at Children's Hospital and Research Institute at Oakland. Kary received a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993, for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The process, which Kary Mullis conceptualized in 1983, is hailed as one of the monumental scientific techniques of the twentieth century.

Kary Mulllis Wikipedia Profile

Kary serves on the board of scientific advisors of several companies, provides expert advice in legal matters involving DNA, and is a frequent lecturer at college campuses, corporations and academic meetings around the world.

Evan Snyder
Evan Snyder
Scientific Adviser
Evan Snyder earned his M.D. and his Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania in 1980. He completed residencies in pediatrics and neurology at Children's Hospital-Boston and postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School. In 1992, Dr. Snyder was appointed an instructor in neurology at Harvard Medical School and was promoted to assistant professor in 1996. In 2003, Dr. Snyder was recruited to the Burnham Institute for Medical Research as professor and director of the Stem Cells and Regeneration program.
Dr. Snyder is one of the first two stem cell researchers in the United States.

Maria Sendra
Maria Sendra
Maria Sendra is a Partner and Chair of Baker & McKenzie’s Southern California Corporate and Securities Practice. Ms. Sendra serves on the Steering Committee for the Firm’s North American Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry Group. She also serves on the Private Equity Steering Committee and heads up the Private Equity Cleantech and Climate Change initiatives. She has built an emerging technologies and markets practice which leverages global capital market and technology relationships in key jurisdictions around the world. Some of the technologies she has advised on include: biotechnology, such as monoclonal antibody platform technologies, protein chip diagnostics, and proton therapies; Web 2.0, social networking, and mobile convergence platforms; and, emissions reduction technologies and renewable energies, such as wind, solar, and biofuels.

Dan Negroni
Dan Negroni is an experienced executive and leader of profitable growth businesses.  Recognized by employees and stakeholders as a team- building entrepreneur who creates and manages organizational excitement while delivering results. Direct and successful contributions within consumer product, e-commerce, service and technology companies, including growing sales from $290 to $700 million.  Dan has functional expertise in general management, operations, sales, marketing, and customer relations. He is a strategic thinker with a JD, Georgetown University, a BSBA , from Boston University School of Management,  but most of all a business builder at heart.  Dan practiced law for seven years at Morgan, Lewis and Bockius and Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek.    Dan's has held positions from CEO, President, COO, General Counsel, and, VP of Sales and Marketing.  Currently, he is on the senior management team at Tachyon Networks Incorporated and is a principal at Private Advisory Group life insurance services.

Stephen Schoenberger
Stephen Schoenberger, PhD, Professor at the La Jolla Insititute of Allergy and Immunology, La Jolla, California.  He received his B.S and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles.

When Stephen Schoenberger, Ph.D., studies lymphomas and leukemias, he doesn't see an insurmountable scientific challenge, he sees hope. " I genuinely believe these are cancers we can do something about."  Dr. Schoenberger was drawn to the research because he could see "real possibilities" for solving the biological paradox of blood cancers.  “We are already living in the age of cancer vaccines and targeted immunotherapy, and I'm very optimistic that more effective treatments will emerge from research we're doing now."
The Scientist Solutions Events Team
Scientist Solutions Events connects life science researchers with knowledge, products and services  by  coordinating the most effective presentations of life science seminars, on-site product demonstrations, and research symposia in the world.

Jessica McClure
President Scientist Solutions Events
I believe that the potential is limitless. The next few years will see a huge surge of growth and innovation and strategic alliances that will strength our foundation.    I see SSE being the major player in the research vendor show arena while Scientist Solutions will be the gateway by which the worldwide scientific community connects to communication, network, do business and so much more. 

Julie Neeb
Mountain States Director
& SSI Sales
My name is Julie Neeb.  I grew up in Southern California and then later in Northern California.  I graduated with a physiology degree from University of San Francisco.  Immediately after college, I was contemplating physical therapy school but the amount of school loans looming over me made me anxious to get out into the work force.  I knew sales was my calling because it runs in the family and it was what I was used to, competition.  I recently joined SSE as a director in the Northern California and Nevada territories. I am a proud member of the Scientist Solutions “dream team” as well.  I am seeking out new sponsors for our fabulous life science website. 

Paula Zerdes
Territory Manager, Northeast
My name is Paula Zerdes and I live in Philadelphia, PA.  I have a marketing degree from St. Joseph’s University and have been in sales for the past 20 years.  Working for Scientist Solutions Events allows me to do the things that I love such as building strong, loyal relationships with scientists and vendors & using my creativity in planning and promoting fun and successful events.  The world of science has always fascinated me and I am thankful for the opportunity to do my part in advancing life science research which ultimately benefits the whole world!

Gary Miller
Director of Business Development
Scientist Solutions Events
Prior to joining SSE, Gary worked in the Advertising Department at the Los Angeles Times where he managed several advertising sales support groups and a team of graphic artists.  He has also served as Director of Operations at The Waverly School in Pasadena, CA.  Gary currently lives in Silver Lake, CA. with his wife, Wendy and 6 year old son, Jackson. 

"I'm very excited to be with SSE.  This is a growing company with a great team.  There are so many exciting things going on at SSE right now, and I look forward to contributing to it's success.


Melissa Flanders
Territory Manager,
Southern California
Although a true-San Diego girl, Melissa travelled the world and studied abroad for five years at the University of Otago in New Zealand. After a pit-stop in the sunshine state of Florida, life brought her back to her home-town in San Diego where she is now happily married and is the proud new mommy to a beautiful baby girl. Melissa has many years of experience in event planning, marketing, and sales and is excited to be a member of the Scientist Solutions team!