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Scientist Solutions Board Rules and Terms of Use

It is the goal of Scientist Solutions to connect every scientist in the world via the Internet. An efficient, concise board will help in reaching this objective. Think of the possibilities!

The disciplines and sub-disciplines of the board are forums to post information, problems and inquiries to other scientists as an avenue to help you advance your research.

By participating in the discussion board, you agree to abide by the Terms of Use and Rules of the Board. Violations could result in deletions of your posts or the loss of the right to participate.

Rules of the Board:



Users must be polite.



By posting on the Board you are granting Scientist Solutions permission to display on the board your entries or posted statements and materials.



All conversations should have one specific topic, and as such should remain on that topic. Any new topic should be started as a new thread or brought to a moderator's attention.



Do not use a forum to "chat" or make personal commentary with other scientists. Only constructive discussion is allowed. "On-line chats" are allowed only through a separate function located on the Board.



You are solely responsible for any content posted using your account. Although our moderators make every effort to review every message posted, they cannot be responsible for any materials or posts by others on the Boards. However, we reserve the right to delete, edit or move any material to be in violation of the Rules or which is appropriate in another area of the Board.



Posting any material containing advertising or solicitation for goods and services is prohibited. You may not use the discussions to distribute chain letters, mass mailings or "spam" or to gather e-mail addresses for the purpose of sending "spam" to other users.



You may post materials as your own that which is in the public domain or that which you have the copyright, patent, trademark or proprietary rights or other permission to distribute electronically. Any information from another source must be referenced.



You may not post or upload any material or links to material that is proprietary, libelous, defamatory, false, obscene, abusive, or discriminatory.



You may not post or transmit any software or other material which contains a virus or other harmful code or device.



Persons under the age of eighteen (18) are not permitted to use the Board without special permission from Scientist Solutions.



Scientist Solutions is not responsible or liable for any content posted on the Board and cannot verify the accuracy of postings nor guarantee that any material has been posted with the permission of the copyright or proprietary owner.



By using the Scientist Solutions Board, you agree to abide by these rules. You acknowledge that we have the right to delete, edit or move material that we deem, at our sole discretion, to be in violation of the Rules of the Boards or which we otherwise consider to be objectionable, inappropriate or not useful. You further acknowledge that we have the right to limit, suspend or terminate access to the Discussions Board for any reason.



Signature can be of maximum three lines and must not be used to advertise.



Members coming across objectionable postings are encouraged to email Scientist Solutions immediately. Scientist Solutions' moderators are able to remove and take corrective actions regarding such messages if they find it necessary.



Please do not make posts about sweepstakes and contests we may run. Posts about our sweepstakes and contests can supply misinformation and create confusion. If you have any questions or concerns about our sweepstakes or contests, please first review the official rules on our promotions page. If you still have questions or concerns, you may contact our promotions director at



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