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Advertising FAQ
What is CPM?
CPM = Cost Per 1000 Impressions (M is the Roman Numeral for Thousand) Standardization in advertising has been progressing since the late 1990's as a result of the growth of the internet. The term CPM is a carry over from print advertising and refers to the unit used for charging for advertising.
$1 CPM = $1 per 1,000 Impressions, a typical price for ads which are not targeted to a specific audience

$10 CPM = $10 per 1,000 Impressions, a typical price for ads which are somewhat targeted

$100 CPM = $100 per 1,000 Impressions and a typical price for ads which are very targeted

How is an Impression defined?
The word 'impression' is sometimes used interchangeably with 'ad view' or 'page view'. Scientistsolutions makes every effort to insure that an impression refers to an ad displayed on the screen of a scientist using our site. The method we use to include and track ad impressions ensures that, like images, they are not loaded in response to search engine and other robots and crawlers. Thus, non-human ad impression activity is filtered out, and not charged for.

Click Through Rate (CTR)
The fraction, often expressed as a percentage of known impressions that result in clicks through to the advertiser site.

Cost Per Click (CPC), and Pay Per Click (PPC)
CPC is the amount paid by the advertiser for each user clicking on their link, typical industy prices range from a few cents, through to tens of dollars. PPC is a payment model where the advertiser pays per click, rather than per impression or for a fixed period of time.

Average Browse depth
The average number of pages on a site that visitors view during a single session, this can be quoted for an entire site, or based on entry pages - the page a user arrives at first to determine the 'stickyness' of particular pages.

What are ScientistSolutions' Advertising Specifications?
We accept jpg or gif file (transparent areas are permitted) for banner ads and the maximum size is 468 pixels x 60 pixels (WxH) with a maximum file size of 50kb. We can resize your jpgs and gifs, and assist you in producing effective banners. Featured Product Ads are 575 pixels x 750 pixels (W x H). Max file size: 100 kb. Animated gifs are subject to editorial review to ensure they are compatible with the look and feel of our site.

What is a GIF
A GIF is a graphic file type, and extension, it stands for Graphics Interchange Format a compressed, bitmap format often used on the web because of its good quality/compression ratio when used on non photographic images with a limited colour pallet.

A hit is a request to the web server for any type of file, typically a page view will result in many hits on the server, one for each image on the page, one for the advert, and others for page components such as scripts and stylesheets. Hits should never be used as the basis for advertising calculations.

How do you report on ad-performance?
We offer clients the ability to log-in to our web-based ad tracking software which provides comprehensive reporting on the performance of your banner, in terms of impressions and clicks on a per-category and per-creative basis, you are also able to receive automated regular reports by email. See our Industry Standards page for more information on how we strive to ensure the credibility of these statistics which we provide to you exceeds the best practices of industry leaders.

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