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Hybridoma technology is a technology of forming hybrid cell lines (hybridomas) by fusing a specific antibody-producing B cell with a myeloma (B cell cancer) cell that is selected for its ability to gr
Nanobodies are derived from a particular type of antibodies that exist in the blood of camelids (llama, alpaca, camel, dromedary, etc). In contrast to conventional antibodies that exist in all mammals
CAS-MAP imaging probes are injected IV into the animal to label active caspase-positive apoptotic cells. The probes are cell permeant and non-toxic. By labeling apoptotic cells in vivo, only apoptotic
Label apoptotic cells in vivo using CAS-MAP™ Apoptosis probes. The probe is injected into the animal IV at the time when you expect apoptosis to be occuring in the animal. The apoptosis probes l
Protocol for the non-invasive, real time imaging of apoptosis in vivo. This protocol is relevant to researchers who want to monitor apoptosis in response to treatment (anti-cancer therapies) or in res
 The NEXTflex™ mtDNA-Seq Kit offers a robust method for mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) isolation and construction of mtDNA libraries for Illumina-compatible targeted or whole mitochondrial seque
Epitopes consist of groups of amino acids that lie close together on the protein (antigen) surface and interact with an antibody; they therefore determine antigenicity. Epitopes of proteins are usuall
A magnetic nanoparticles formulation dedicated to increase virus infection and transduction capacities, that enables to use up to 10 times less virus with better viability. For additionnal informat
Specifically designed for siRNA transfection, SilenceMag transfection reagent gives reliable high protein knockdown at very low doses of siRNA in numerous cell types (primary cells, hard-to-transfec
The first dedicated Magnetofection™ transfection reagent for neurons and neurals cells from 1 DIV to 21 DIV. For additionnal information, visit
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