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Whole-animal fluorescence imaging is often complicated by the attempt to determine the anatomical location of a given fluorescent signal. When multiple fluorophores are present, this task is even more
CCD cameras are widely used to capture chemiluminescent images of Western blots and ELISAs (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). ELISAs are used as a diagnostic tool to determine the concentration of a
An X-ray image provides a convenient anatomical map of musculoskeletal features that is useful for co-registration of optical or radioisotopic signals. X-ray is an orthogonal imaging modality that w
Molecular imaging, or the non-invasive spatial and temporal detection of signatures within the intact living organism that relate to cellular and intracellular events, has become essential for assessi
Cap analysis gene expression (CAGE) is a method to identify the 5' ends of transcripts, allowing the discovery of new promoters and the quantification of gene activity. Combining promoter location and
The study of organogenesis in mammals allows investigation of a wide variety of basic cell biological processes in the context of the intact organ. This has become especially important in the age of g
PET/SPECT cylindrical phantom is oftenlly used in Nuclear Medicine Technology for Quality Assuarance of Scaning Devices,
The Caenorhabditis elegans embryo is particularly amenable to microscopy and embryological studies because of its short developmental time, transparent shell, and nonpigmented cells. The agar mount de
Cell movements in the pregastrulation egg cylinder mouse embryo play an important role in patterning. The stereotypic movement of the anterior visceral endoderm converts a proximal-distal axis to an a
Herbal plants used in traditional medicine represent a priceless tank of new bioactive molecules. In the present study the extracts of medicinal plants were subjected to the various phytochemical
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