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Region and cell-specific expression of a gene of interest is a critical experimental consideration, especially when studying the human brain which by some estimates contains 100 billion cells and poss
In 2011, Addgene began collaborating with Dr. Alex Chenchik of Cellecta, Inc. and Dr. Gus Frangou of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to distribute Cellecta's DECIPHER pooled lentiviral sh
  Protein kinases post-translationally phosphorylate specific residues as a means of regulating cell-signaling cascades. O-phosphoserine (Sep) being, by far, the most common phosphorylation modi
 This is a thorough explanation of how to use the free densitometry software ImageJ for western blot quantification.  It covers proper exposure of film and relative comparisons to analyze b
 This is a full western blot protocol using the standard tris-glycine-SDS running buffer and tris-HCl buffered gels. Full gel recipes are provided along with compostions, ingredients, and recipes
Optical molecular imaging techniques have emerged as valuable tools for pre-clinical oncology research in mouse models of cancer.1-5 Diseased tissues and cells are typically detected during in vivo fl
 This is part one of a troubleshooting guide to fix your Western blots.   3 hrs and 33 minutes are needed to complete the protocols.   Protocol written and proven by westernblot.o
This document contains recommendations on Morpholino oligo stock solution concentrations, storage temperature and conditions, as well as notes on lyophilization for long-term storage.
 Deglycosylation Using TFMS   Glycosylation is one of the most common posttranslational modifications of proteins. Glycans attach to the peptide backbone through either amide or glycosidic
Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells cultured on a matrigel-coated 100 mm dish have been transfected with GeneCellin HTC. We have used 2x106 cells in a 100 mm dish, 15 µg of plasmid DNA and 30
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