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New Insights in Modern Peptide

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Topic Started by ChloeMica
on 10/19/2016 7:41 AM   
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Since peptides play a crucial role in the fundamental physiological and biochemical functions of life, they have now attracted increasing attention for their potential therapeutic use. Taking liraglutide as an example, it has been used as an injectable drug developed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Clearly, there are also some other medical applications for peptides.

Peptide vaccines and nucleic acid vaccines are parts of the most valued focus in the field of vaccine research, especially for the viral peptide vaccine. Currently, AIDS and hepatitis C have been seen as two major harmful diseases to human beings, which have no ideal vaccine for the treatment.
However, in recent years, related research in DNA and peptide vaccine has made great efforts. In 1999, NIH announced two HIV-I virus peptide vaccines. And after clinical trial on human body, the results show the two peptide vaccines can stimulate the body to produce specific antibodies & specific cellular immunity and have better security. In fact, HIV-I polypeptide has been confirmed to own a strong immunogenic function in inner membrane proteins.

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