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"A small group of thoughtful people can change the world... It's the only thing that ever has"

- Margaret Mead

"The hardest problems of pure and applied science can only be solved by the open collaboration of the world-wide scientific community"

- Kenneth G. Wilson

"Opportunities multiply... as they are seized"

- Sun Tzu

Together we can accelerate the process of discoveries and cures.

-Scientist Solutions

On March 17, 2003 the World Health Organization called upon 11 laboratories in 9 countries to join a collaborative multi-center research project on SARS diagnosis. Because of the extraordinary coming together using technology and collaboration, the detection of the SARS agent was accomplished in 30 days and the development of diagnostic test quickly followed.*
In 1936 U.S. President Roosevelt launched a foundation for polio, the largest disease-focused association in the history of America. Within one year, the March of Dimes was organized and asking each American to contribute a dime to support education and research. Within days 2.6 million dimes were collected and by the late 1940’s, the first polio vaccines were being developed.

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